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We have built the nicest grass strip in Florida. We have all the permits to pave but, the grass is much easier on the planes and looks better. The slope and grade is so good you can use the strip even after it rains (tested at 3 inches in 1 hour). The total airstrip is 200 feet wide, 4400 feet long with lights and VASI. FAA permitted 2600 feet, 700 feet of run off to the south, 1100 feet of run off to the north. Power line obstacle to the North with marker balls on line. Pine trees to south. We land to the North and take off to the South, there are two wind socks on the West side of field. We have AV gas and Jet A available. The rotating beacon runs from dusk util 9pm. Come in for a free soda and a smile! Aviation stories shared are a welcomed plus!

OWNER: ROBIN SQUIRES more info call #850-672-0007